Trip planning

The central area of the country is the most suitable destination for the seasonal winter tourism, but it also offers many attractions throughout the year.

In Alba County, the tourists on holiday can enjoy the beauty of the landscape, but they can also have fun at ski. Those interested in the history of the area can visit two medieval fortresses: Aiud Fortress and Calnic Fortress. In the summer, an important tourist attraction is the “Gaina Girls Fair”, which takes place on Gaina Mountain, at South-East of Avram Iancu.

The rural tourism is very developed in the Alba County and in the North mountain area you have at your disposal over 200 agritourism guesthouses, where you can enjoy the local dishes, traditionally cooked. Aries also attracts amateur fishermen, being an ideal place for those who want to truly relax on their holiday.

In Sebes Mountains there are also available several ski slopes, seven of them built in the last years, so the winter sports passionate will not regret a holiday spent in this area of the country.

The most popular resort in Alba County is Ocna Mures, where you can visit impressive lakes situated on salt massifs.

While the Brasov city is renowned for its many tourist attractions such as, the famous gates and bastions or the Black Church, on the other hand the entire area is a paradise for winter sports, which can be practiced from November till March.

The multitude of mountain resorts in Bucegi Massive is one of the most important tourist areas in the country. The agritourism is also developed, the area having many opportunities for accommodation at guesthouses in Bran and Moeciu.

The Bran Castle indeed should not be missed by the tourists, who want to visit the area, but few know about the Racos Dacian Sanctuary or the Rasnov Roman Camp, which should not be missed either.

In Poiana Brasov you can accommodate at the five star hotels, but lower prices can also be found in the Balneoclimateric Resort Zizin, located at the foot of Ciucas Mountain.

The Sibiu area is known for its large number of reserves and protected natural parks, the most spectacular being the “Iezerele Cindrelului” Natural Reservation and the Fagaras Mountains Alpine Gap.

A destination for winter sports lovers as well, Sibiu County boasts about Paltinis resort, the first mountain resort in Romania, founded in 1894. Besides the cultural attractions of Sibiu city, the area is also recognized for Bazna and Ocna Sibiu Treatment Centre, permanent balneoclimateric resorts with saline water.

Harghita is known as a tourist area for two of the most famous lakes in Romania: St. Ana Lake formed in a volcanic crater and Rosu Lake, a natural dam lake.

Another area in Harghita searched by tourists for its natural beauty is the Bicaz Keys, but the Bears Grotto and the Ice Cave are as famous destinations, too.

In the Praid Salt Mine, the tourists can breathe ionized air which is beneficial if they suffer from respiratory diseases, but Harghita County has five more balneoclimateric resorts: Borsec, Tusnad Baths, Toplita, Corund and Barzava.

The Borsec mineral waters are known since 1594, while skiing and sledging are other recreation activities available for tourist in the resorts of Harghita County.

In Covasna, the unavoidable tourist attraction is the Mike Fortress, where the legend says that Ileana Cosânzeana had lived. The “Mestecanisul de la Reci” Natural Reservation and Varghis Keys Natural Reservation are among areas that cannot be missed by tourists who want to discover the beauty of the country, together with the Tartars Hole Cave (Varghis) and Puturosul Cave (Balvanyos).

At the Devil’s Pond, the eruption of mud and gas (carbon and sulphur oxides), is used in the balneoclimateric treatment. Other resorts in the county are Malnas, Balbanyos, Valcele, Ozunca-Bai and Sugas Bai.

The inclined plan of Comandau Covasna is an ecological project realized at the end of XIX century, where the gravitation force is used for the transportation of the wagons carrying wood.

In Mures, the tourists are attracted by the Sighisoara Medieval Fortress, but also by the natural reservations, among which the Secular Oak Forest on the muddy lands of Mociar and the Sovata Salt Mountain.

The hunting amateurs can visit Lapusna, while on the Cornesti Plateau a Zoological Garden is situated in the middle of the Padurea Mare area, where mini-hikes can be organized.

The balneoclimateric resort of Sovata is famous for the treatment of gynaecological disorders, but also for the richness in chloride and sodium water.