The Sibiu locals are invited to the exhibition “Animals of the Continents”

The Sibiu locals are invited to the temporary exhibition titled “Animals of the continents in artefacts, pictures and stories”, in the period 15th November 2011 – 15th January 2012

The exhibition is open to the public at “Franz Binder” Museum of Universal Ethnography, within Astra National Museum Complex.

For this exhibition, curators have selected over a hundred contemporary art objects, as well as artefacts over a century old from the collections of the Museum of Ethnography. There are exhibited photographs, books, maps and various objects that represent animals in America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

The exhibition “Animals of the continent” aims visitors of all ages, while pupils can participate to the practical workshops prepared by the organizers. The public access to the gallery is allowed from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:00 – 17:00.