Seasonal Events

Having plenty of cities with a strong cultural tradition, the central area of the country is one of the strongest supporting and promoting region from the arts point of view. Sibiu and Brasov are two of the most attractive cities from cultural point of view within the central region of Romania. But not only the cultural events are the ones attracting the people here, but also other types of manifestations, including the gastronomic ones.

The Days of Alba Iulia City is maybe the amplest event organized in Alba County. Carried out during several days each year in May, the event covers a great variety of artistic, cultural and entertainment manifestations.

The “1st December 2011” International Painting Exhibition takes place at the end of November – beginning of December and represents an event for the plastic artists and the art lovers in general. At the middle of November the Festival – Contest of Pop Music and Romances also takes place there. And last but not least, in Alba Iulia at the middle of September one of the most important festivals also takes place, dedicated to the traditional folk song: “The Golden Grape”. It probably needs not mentioning the information regarding the official ceremonies from Alba Iulia dedicated to the National Day of Romania, celebrated at 1st December.

Blaj, another city with deep historical resonances in Alba County, hosts in December maybe the oldest fair from this region of the country: the Hats Fair, dating for about three centuries. Every year in early December merchants from Transylvania, but also from Banat and Moldavia are expected at the “Fair”.

Sibiu is one of the centres that frequently organize artistic and cultural manifestations. The International Theatre Festival of Sibiu is a vast event carried out during 10 days, at the end of May – beginning of June. In August, Sibiu also welcomes tourists and inhabitants with the Medieval Festival, which brings on the streets characters from the city history, especially knights and ladies, more exactly a true parade of costumes from the long gone era.

Transylvania International Film Festival of Sibiu is also another ample event, well known to the lovers of cinematographic art.

Medias, another important city of Sibiu, hosts Medias – Medieval Citadel” Festival, an event with deep historical connotations.

Sfantu Gheorghe, the biggest city in Covasna and capital of the county, celebrates the Days of the City in May. In September, on the 24th and 25th, there is also celebrated the Traditions Fair in the centre of the city, and only authentic craftsmen, true masters of traditional objects participate to this event.

In Covasna the culinary art is also promoted every year at Targu Secuiesc, where the Potato Festival is organized in August, an event which challenges the gastronomic imagination of the cooks who are dared to prepare the most delicious recipes.

Miercurea Ciuc Festival of Old Music takes place every year in July, in the capital of Harghita County, and the event includes concerts by famous specific ensembles, but also a day dedicated to children, with competitions and games for the little ones.

Moreover, in November at Miercurea Ciuc takes place an original Yearly Gathering of Folk Music Bands Violinists, with this occasion the old fiddler’s melodies can be listened to.

However, you should not forget that each May the Light Festival is organized at Miercurea Ciuc, a special event, during which thousand of lanterns are lit in the centre of the city.

Braşov, the seat and capital of the county with the same name, is one of the richest cities in terms of cultural events. Starting with a famous international festival of music, and continuing with important festivals of Jazz or Chamber Music, Brasov City is the leader of cultural events of the County. Other events carried out in Brasov are:  beer festivals, the Harvest Festival, festival of contemporary theatre, but also the Fair of the Craftsmen throughout the country, the latter event being related to the Days of Brasov City.

Fagaras, the second city as surface within Brasov County, hosts in the Fagaras Citadel the “Fortresses Tournament” Festival and the “Days of Fagaras Citadel”, both events happening in August.

Targu Mures, the largest city in Mureş County in June is the host of the “Days of Targu Mures”, an event dedicated to the celebration of the city. Moreover, in the last week of September, the Beer Festival is organized in Targu Mures, while in October the “Dramafest” Theatre Festival begins being dedicated to the dramatic art lovers.