Routes to follow

The central Transylvania region represents a tourist legendary space that any individual longs to visit. Here you can find museums, royal and noble houses, and the castles hiding more or less terrifying stories behind them, but also routes which will make you feel like in a fairy tale.

Routes to follow in Alba

A well-known route is the one that starts from the Micesti Village (Alba Iulia) and goes towards the Apuseni Mountains. Here you will pass through the Taverns Plateau, near the Mures River and “Saint John the Baptist” Monastery.

From Alba Iulia, more exactly from Sard village, you can take the South-West direction towards the Gaura Calului (Horse Hole) Cave (at 1190 meters altitude). Thus, you go through Ampoitei Rocks (400 meters altitude), through the Ampoita village, the Bats Cave and Prislop Peak.

Moreover, if the starting point is the Campeni town, you can take the route towards the Motilor Country (the Stone Country – a region located in the Apuseni Mountains), passing by the Valea Caselor (Houses Valley) River, at 600 meters altitude. In Motilor Country you will find the descendants of the Celts, famous because of their blonde hair and the blue eyes.

Routes to follow in Sibiu

Although Sibiu is known as a cultural and medieval area of the country, it also possesses amazing routes.

Starting from Medias, you can reach Lunca Tranavei (Tarnava Meadow), if you follow the Tarnava Mare River route. On this route you will discover “Saint Margaret” Church, built in 14th century, but also a 1588 construction, named Schuller House (former Franciscan monastery).

Moreover, if you set off from Sibiu towards Paltinis Resort, you will discover Cibinul Keys and Waterfall, a place where you will enjoy the mountain climate, a strong, but very fresh air.

But if you are in Agnita town, you can go on the Hartibaciul Valley route, through Ruja Village. In your way you will discover the Romanic Church, erected in 13th century, but also the Evangelic Church from 15th century.

Routes to follow in Covasna

The most beautiful routes start from the county residence city, Sfantu Gheorghe. After the Chilieni Village, you will pass through Sfantu Gheorghe Depression, Baraolt Mountains and then you will see a few medieval buildings, including: the Unitarian Church or the Szkely Mansion.

From Targu Secuiesc, you can start towards Bretcu Mountains and Negru (Black) River, reaching the Minorities Monastery (built in 1795), the “Assumption of the Virgin” Church and the Roman-Catholic Church.

Routes to follow in Harghita

If you start from Miercurea Ciuc, more precisely from Harghita Bai village, you will get to Ciuc Depression of Harghita Mountains. Here you will pass near the Beta River (known for its mineral and carbonated water springs).

Moreover, if you want to get to Harghita Mountains, you can take the North direction, to Harghita Ciceu Peak. From here, you can go further on to the south, towards Vinului (Wine) Peak (at 1,380 meters altitude) and to the south-west towards Baile Perla Vlahita (Vlahita Pearl Baths).

From Miercurea Ciuc, namely from Jigodin Bai village, you can reach the Fitod River (another spring mineral water).

From Baile Tusnad city, you can go towards Tusnad Pass and Tusnad Defile.

Routes to follow in Brasov

From Brasov, more precisely Poiana Brasov, you can go towards Postavaru Peak, at 1,799 meters altitude. From Poiana Brasov, to the south-west, you will reach Stanca Dracului (Devil’s Rock), Cetatii Valley and Rasnov Fortress.

Starting from Codlea town, towards Barsei Plain, you will get to the Black Fortress (built in 1,211 by the Teutonic Knights). Here you will also meet the Evangelical Church, the Saxon Church and City Hall Building.

If your journey starts in the Sacele city, you will pass through Piatra Mare (Big Rock), Highis and Valea Morii (Mill Valley), where you’ll find a series of ethnic monuments (museums, shepherd’s houses etc).

If you start from the Fagaras city towards the Fagaras Fortress, you will meet a number of museums and churches with murals (Holy Trinity Church – 1783). Here you can admire the Rock Church and “Ioan Micu” Memorial House.

Routes to follow in Mures

Sighisoara, another medieval city, hides spectacular routes. From Sighisoara you can head for the Tarnava Mare Defile (“the thistles river”). Thus you will pass through the Dealul de Mijloc (Middle Hill), Bradet (“fir trees wood”), Sighisoara Fortress (14th century), the Clock Tower or the “Church on the Hill”.

From Sighisoara you can head towards Tarnave Plateau, where you will meet the “Annunciation” Church and the Evangelical Church.

From Oarba de Mures (Mures Blind) village, you can go visit Mures Meadow. On the way, you will meet important areas such as Mures River and the Obelisk of 11,000 Romanian soldiers killed when Transylvanian area was liberated.