Protected Areas

Alba County possesses 93 protected areas, 83 of which are of national interest. They are situated within Trascau Mountains and their surroundings.

Trascau Mountains represent the east unit of the Apuseni Mountains and they are surrounded by the Turul Keys and Ampoi Valley. Among the protected areas found within and around them, the following need to be mentioned:

Bulzul Galzii
Calcarele de la Ampoita (Ampoita Limestones)
Calcarele de la Valea Mica (Small Valley Limestones)
Cheile Caprei (Goat Keys)
Cheile Ampoitei (Ampoita Keys)
Cheile Intregalde (Intregalde Keys)
Cheile Vaii Cetii (Fog Valley Keys)
Cheile Galditei si Turcului (Galdita and Turcul Keys)
Cheile Galzii (Galzii Keys)
Cheile Pravului (Pravul Keys)
Cheile Piatra Baltii (Pond Stone Keys)
Cheile Manastirii (Monastery Keys)
Cheile Valisoarei (Valisoara Keys)
Cheile Plaiului (Plaiul Keys)
Cheile Silosului (Silosul Keys)
Cheile Posegii (Posegii Keys)
Cheile Runcului (Runcul Keys)
Cheile Pociovalistei (Pociovaliste Keys)
Huda lui Papara (Huda lui Papara Cave)
Iezerul Ighiel (Iezerul Ighiel Lake)
Laricele de la Vidolm (Larice de la Vildom Forrest)
Paraul Bobii (Parayl Bobii Natural Reservation)
Padurea Sloboda (Sloboda Forrest)
Poiana cu narcise de la Negrileasa (Negrileasa Daffodils Meadow)
Poiana cu narcise de la Tecsesti (Tecsesti Daffodils Meadow)
Piatra Bulbuci (Piatra Bulbuci – Water Bubbles Stone Natural Reservation)
Piatra Cetii (Piatra Cetii – Fog Stone Aven)
Piatra Corbului (Piatra Corbului – Raven Stone Geological Formation)
Poarta Zmeilor (Poarta Zmeilor – Dragons’ Gate Cave)
Sesu Craiului – Scarita Belioara (Sesu Craiului – Scarita Belioara Botanical Reservation)

On the Brasov County area the following protected areas can be found:

Piatra Craiului Mountains, with Piatra Craiului National Park
Pestera Comana (Comana Cave)
Padurea Valea Bogatii (Bogata Valley Forrest)
Rezervatia Cotul Turzun (Turn of Turzun Reservation)
Cheile Dopca (Dopca Keys)
Complexul Piscicol Dumbravita (Dumbravita Fishpond Complex)
Poiana cu narcise, Dumbrava Vadului (Daffodils Meadow, Dumbrava Vadului)
Dealul Lempes Reservation – Spring Ruscuta Reservation
Prejmer Forrest
“Purcareni Fossil Point “ Natural Protected Area
Stupini, Prejmer and Harman Swamps
Hoghiz Basalt MicroCanyon: Ormenis Fossil Point; Carhaga Fossil Point
Racos Basalt Columns
Turbaria de la Mandra (Mandra Peat Bog)
Piramidele de la Sona (Sona Pyramids)

In Covasna County several natural areas protected by the law can be found, such as:

Tivonul Luci Natural Reservation
Punctul forestier Aita Seaca Forest Point
Mestecanisul de la Reci (Reci Birch Groove)
Puciosu – Turia Mountain
Valea Iadului – Turia Valley
Balta Dracului Volcano
Grota Timsos Grotto
Grota Ucigasa Grotto
Puturosu Cave
Gyilkos Cave
Cimitirul Pasarilor (Birds Cemetery)
Baile Timsos (Timsos Baths)

Harghita County is proud to possess the following protected areas, as attraction points for the tourists from the country and from abroad.

Bicaz Keys – Hasmas National Park, including the natural reservations: Bicaz Keys, Rosu Lake, Sugaul Keys, Licas Aven, Hasmasu Mare Massif – Piatra Singuratica (Lonely Rock) and Hasmasu Negru
Baile Tusnad (Tusnad Baths) with Saint Anne Lake, Tinovul Mohos Oligotrophic Swamp
Bilbor – Paraul Dobreanului Protected Area
Tulghes – Pietrele Rosii Protected Area
Borsec Botanical Reservation, Scaunul Rotund Cave
Toplita Thermal Water Waterfall
Remetea – Mlastina cea Mare (the Big Swamp) Protected Area
Joseni – Piemontul Nyeres Protected Area
Suseni – Sugau Cave Protected Area
Voslabeni – “Dupa Lunca” Swamp Natural Reservation
Praid Salt Mountain
Corund – Dealul Melcului Geological Reservation
Carta – Lacul Dracului Natural Reservation
Filia Muddy Volcanoes
Rat Lake
Sanpaul Popasul pasarilor (Birds Stopover) Nature Reserve
Varghis Keys and the caves
Vlahita Daffodils Meaddow
Dumbrava Harghitei (Harghita Groove) Swamp
Sancraieni Geological Reservation
Buydos-Santimbru  Swamp
Borsaros-Sancraieni Swamp
Valea de Mijloc (Middle Valley) Swamp, Tusnad
Piatra Soimilor (Hawks Rock), Baile Tusnad (Tusnad Baths)
Tinovul (Swamp) from Plaiesii de Jos Nature Reserve
Tinovul (Swamp) Mohos Nature Reserve
Firtus Hill, Corund

Fourteen natural protected areas can be found in Mures County:

Calimani South National Park
Mociar Secular Oak Forrest
Deda – Toplita Defile Landscape Reservation
Zau de Campie Steppe Peony Reservation
Faragau Lake Nature Reserve
Padurea Sabed Forrest
Sighisoara Fluffy Oak Reserve
Breite Secular Oaks
Ursu Lake (Bear Lake) and adjacent brush
Valenii de Mures Motley Tulip Reserve
Gurghiu Daffodils Meadow
Seaca Landscape Reserve
Cypress (Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana) Brush

The following protected areas are located within the Sibiu County territory:

Cindrel Natural Park
Dumbrava Sibiului Natural Park
Fagaras Alpine Gap Natural Park
Balea Reserve
Iezerele Cindrelului Reserve
Dealul Zakel Steppe Reserve
Turnu Rosu Eocene Limestones Reserve
Lacul fara fund (Bottomless Lake) Reserve from Ocna Sibiului
Arpasel Reserve
Suvara Sasilor-Talmaciu Reserve
Cisnadioara Cretaceous Limestones
Masa Jidovului (Jew Table) Nature Reserve
Hasag Muddy Volcanoes
Mihaileni Canyon
“Pintenii din Coasta Jinei” (Jina Slope Spurs) Nature Reserve