Varghişul Keys

Varghişul Keys
Cheile Varghisului

Geomorphological elements

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There is no Romanian or even foreign speleologist, that should not have breathed in the cold air from the caves that form the Varghis Keys from Persani Mountains.


In order to enter this wonderful speleological reservation you must get to Miercurea Ciuc and then head towards Vlahita locality, on the national road 13A. After a few kilometres passing through the Meresti village, you’ll reach your destination. You must follow is the blue band marking.


The 50 caves that can be visited here, some of them even by amateurs, but most only by professionals, were once shelter for people in the area, the numerous objects found in their cold and wet rooms standing evidence in this regard.


The speleologists call this place „the country of peace” and once arrived here, you do have the impression that you have reached a parallel universe. The rumour of the cities, the trash, people’s faces distorted by worries, they all disappear as if they would not have existed at all, ever.


The caves chain stretches on 4 kilometres, along Covasna and Harghita Counties. Some caves can be visited throughout the year, but others flood on certain sectors, depending on the volume of the brooks that cross them. There are also caves with siphons, for which you need a diving-suit and special training in order to cross them entirely.


Among the most popular caves in the area we can mention Sura de Piatra, Meresti Cave, Tartars’ Cave or the Horse Cave.


If you want to come out to light, there are rocks of breathtaking beauty, sitting barren into the sun light, available for you to climb on or you can stay on the edge of the brooks that cross cheerfully the forests which guard the entrances into the caves.


And if you really want to feel the nature, you can install your tent in the special places provided in Poiana Koalja (Koalja Glade). There is no better way of waking up in the morning than by the birds chirping and a bath in the ice cold water of the brooks in the area.


Once you have finished with visiting the caves, you can make a trip in the area to the Daffodils Meadow, a place that seems detached from a fairy tale in spring, but which, because of the people who failed to respect it, can only be looked at, as it was declared a reservation in order to allow the daffodils population to recover.


You need to pay different fees in order to enter the reservations, but insignificant in comparison to the wonders you will enjoy once arrived there.

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