Vălişoara Keys – Alba

Vălişoara Keys – Alba

Geomorphological elements

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Valisoara Keys, in Alba County, are considered among the most interesting in Aiud Valley, their main attraction being the natural reservation, rich in rare plants, but also the caves in which species of endangered invertebrates and bats live.


The soil poor in humus has favoured the development of some plants which will be extremely appreciated by the ones passionate about the botany lessons: the dianthus (dianthus spiculifolius), the asplenium (asplenium ruta-muraria) or colilia (Stipa pucherrinea). Those who would like to adventure to the most mysterious points of the area will be disappointed because the reservation can only be visited on a specially arranged trail, marked with red dot.


In addition to the fact that it is a botanical natural reservation, the area of Valisoara Keys has a geomorphic importance, as well.


Thus, over time the keys have been carved in monolithic Jurassic limestone by Aiud River and they are 25 to 150 metres wide and maximum 150 metres high, while their walls hide caves, vaults, archways and other karstic formations.


There are two options to get to the reservation from Trascaului Mountains located South of Rimetea Depression, depending on the area we set off.


From Aiud, we can go on the road towards Buru up to kilometre 14, where the road between the keys begins, approximately 2 kilometres in length. The road coming from Turda leads exactly in the north side of the keys and it is a very good access option.


Those equipped with GPS device, can follow the coordinates 46.2240 N and 23.3530 E.


In order to start strolling freely on hikes and mountain routes in the Valisoara Keys Natural Reservation, first of all you should find at least one place to spend the night, and the Apuseni area has plenty guesthouses and chalets, subject to the fact that some of them have a minimum time limit of two nights of accommodation.


In Valisoara, 15 kilometres from Aiud, from where they can start walking towards the reservation by foot, but also towards Rimet, Remetea and Magina Monasteries, located nearby.


The thrill amateurs will be glad to know that in this area of Trascaului Mountains paragliding activities are organized with landing even on Valisoara Keys.


When you arrive in the area, please remember that Valisoara Keys are also known by locals as Poiana Keys or Aiud Keys.

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