The Village Museum

The Village Museum


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Everybody has heard about Bran Castle, but fewer about the Village Museum from Bran, although the latter is close by, exactly in the same yard, and it is at least as beautiful, as its more famous neighbour.


What is the Village Museum from Bran? It is an outdoor museum-document dedicated to the life of peasants in Barsa Country. It comprises almost everything that could give you an insight about how the people in these regions used to live, such as, smaller or larger country houses, timber sawmills driven by water, ​​tools for making clothes, icons, swings and last but not least, a few sheepfolds.


The most common constructions are the ones specific to Bran area, the houses with reinforced courtyards, with stables and other outbuildings. They all show originality and the purest rustic old Romanian style.


The houses are different – some very small, with a single room, while others large, with four rooms, in the shape of letters “L” or “U”. Probably the most beautiful houses are those with brown wood porch along the entire front side of the building. Another house that stands out is the one with ground floor made of stone, with stairs in the front side of the house, but also to the left and to the right.


Some of the houses are really spacious, especially those used as a kind of place for social evenings, with continuous benches near the wall.


What is even more interesting, perhaps the most interesting thing to see here is the ingenious technique used by Romanian peasants in the olden times, when the modern equipment did not exist. Thus, you can see the sawmill – a device for cutting wood which is powered by water, a mill also powered by water, but also „piua” and „darsta”, as the locals call them, peasant machinery for making clothes and fabrics.


You cannot exactly understand the rural charm of the museum, if you do not go inside the households. What will you find there? The Romanian life in the purest style: hearths exactly how they were and in some places, still are used, rustic beds and tables covered with traditional fabrics, or in the first case, with animal skins; the rough plastering, but also the rustic icons, the old furniture, but also the fireplaces near the bed, wooden interiors; in some cases all gives the impression of a warm approach to the life of the people who lived in such houses. You seem to understand them and understand their lifestyle, emotions and character.


That’s what it is all about, in short, in the Village Museum from Bran: understanding and tasting from the life of the Romanian peasants in this region. You will enjoy it and you will find it interesting, no doubt.

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