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One of the few churches of the Transylvanian Jews is the Great Synagogue of Sibiu, whose construction was finalized in 1898. The building situated on Constitution Street number 19 was restored and presently it is a historic monument very popular for the tourists coming here to enjoy the charm of Sibiu City.


After the having gone through several difficult events in the history of the community, with periods when the Saxons in the region refused the establishment of the Jews in this area or when the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu proposed to be demolished, the Great Synagogue in Sibiu seems to be perfectly adapted to the current period.


Those who come in Bucharest can turn right at the first big intersection after entering Sibiu, on Semaforului Street up to the roundabout intersection, where they have to turn left in order to enter the Stefan cel Mare Street. At the intersection of Balea and Moldoveanu Streets they must turn right downwards on Balea and follow the road until the first roundabout, where they should go straight ahead.


The synagogue is 150 meters away from the traffic circle, on the right, or simpler: follow the GPS coordinates: 45º47’54″north latitude and 24º9’27″east latitude.


By train is the easiest, as the Jewish church is located at a street distance walking; after you exit the station you walk up to the intersection with the Constitution Street, where you turn left and a few steps on the left the monument can be found.


The facade of the Jewish church depicts the Neo-Gothic style, with the Neo-Roman accents in the top part, the general form of the building being a rectangle. In front of the synagogue, an impressive wrought iron fence was built, which gives a very decorative aspect.


On the inside the structure of a basilica can be noticed, having three intersected naves and the arches shaped like narrow galleries, supported by columns, and the ark is exactly on the eastern side and it has the shape of a semicircular apse.


The Synagogue built in eclectic style is covered with red brick and has yellow rectangular columns. The windows have also rectangular shape, with the upper side finalized in semicircle and decorated with stained glass depicting the Star of David.


Among other characteristics that make the synagogue an architectural monument, we can mention the three entrances with platform and a few steps. The most spectacular is the main entrance, decorated with the Star of David in the upper side and a verse from Psalms, written in Hebrew and in each lateral side of the door there are two wrought iron street lamps.

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