The Salt Mountain of Sovata

The Salt Mountain of Sovata


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Are you looking for a holiday destination that should combine the beauty with the tranquillity necessary for relaxation and an environment beneficial for health? Then you should head with confidence to the Salt Mountain, near Sovata, where you will enjoy the long-sought peace, but also the novelty of places and especially the benefits of the climate rich in aerosols and the bathing in the heliothermal salty lakes.


The importance of Sovata, a mountain resort in Mures County, was recognized long ago, being attested in documents even from the sixteenth century, and it is located on the foothills of Ghiurghiu Mountains, being surrounded by hills – out of which the Salt Mountain is the most interesting, being, as the name suggests, a huge deposit of salt.


The specialists say that, a long time ago, when our planet was still young, the Mediterranean Sea was lying here. When the water retreated, the Salt Mountain remained.


Although the salt massive is, as the name suggests, composed of salt, there are beech and oak forests growing on its sides, but also chestnut, hornbeam or birch forests can be found.


The Salt Mountain is also the most adequate place for a peaceful and therapeutic stroll in the nature: you will see magnificent mountain landscapes and you will breath in the beneficent aerosols, impregnated with the smell of resinous forests, as well.


For an extra relaxation therapy, you should take a warm bath in the Bear Lake or in the Alunis Lake, both equipped with electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and hot mud facilities. But do not stop at only these two: you can explore six salty lakes in total and two freshwater lakes, but let’s not forget about the Serpents Lake swamp, in fact, a marshy salty lake.


The temperature of Bear Lake, one of the largest warm water salt lakes in the world, reaching up to 30-40 degrees Celsius in summer, is beneficial for the treatment of gynaecological and rheumatologic conditions. What could be more pleasant than a bath in the middle of the woods, in a lake which seems like is struggling to keep you to the surface?


Remember, when you schedule a vacation in Sovata and the Salt Mountain, that here the warmest month of the year is August and the coldest is January. However, do not hesitate to come in winter – although it is at only 600 meters altitude, Sovata has a ski slope with chair lift.


Since it is a resort, you will find various places for accommodation, such as four stars hotels, but also rural little houses.

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