The Roman-Catholic Church of Armăşeni

The Roman-Catholic Church of Armăşeni

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Located in Ciuc Mountains, surrounded by forests and meadowland, which will enchant you with their beauty, the Armaseni Village has an inestimable value, given by the people who inhabit it, but also by the great things they have built here throughout the years.


One of them is the Roman-Catholic Church, an edifice which amazes through its beauty up to the smallest detail.


Apparently another religious edifice, built in Romanesque style, existed initially on the site where presently the Roman-Catholic Church rises, dating from the fifteenth century. Years later, the church which now is the pride of Harghita County was erected in the Gothic style, being certified as an architectural monument, as well.


However, until today, those who have researched the origins of this impressive building have failed to agree on exactly when it was built, many of them claiming that it was the beginning of the thirteenth century.


When you get to the Roman-Catholic Church of Armaseni you’ll have the feeling that you enter a fortress, given the thick walls of defence, surrounding the entire property; that is why it is also known as the Fortified Roman-Catholic Church.


As soon as you enter the church you will be charmed by the view of the paintings, especially those from the choir vault, which represent different prophets, apostles and saints, a true delight.


The altar, made up of several panels that depict the Virgin Mary in various scenes as recorded by the sacred books, was realized with skill in a Sekler workshop in 1543. However, presently it is no longer in the place of worship, having been moved to the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, to be better preserved.


When you visit the Roman-Catholic Church of Armaseni, you will certainly notice a rosette window, in the room where normally the objects of worship and the priestly garments are kept. If you can spare a little time to listen to the history of the chamber, you will find out that it is the oldest piece here, kept in place since the first church, instead of which the Roman-Catholic Church was built.


If you want to get to this jewel of Harghita County, you should take the County Road 123C from Miercurea Ciuc, crossing not more than 25 kilometres.

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