The Orthodox Cathedral

The Orthodox Cathedral

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The Orthodox Cathedral of Medias City in Sibiu County, one of the oldest in the county, recently returned to the attention of the public and the believers from all over the country thanks to the fact that it hosted, for the first time at national level, the relics of Saint Joan the Baptist, brought all the way from Mount Athos.


The event is like a natural triumph achieved by the over 80 years old history, dedicated to the Orthodox Christianity of Ardeal.


The Orthodox Cathedral of Medias, dedicated to the Saints Archangels Michael and Gabriel, was built between 1929 and 1935, being one of the oldest Orthodox churches in Transylvania, given that this part of the country is especially famous for the Greek-Catholic churches and cathedrals, of even 500 years old.


The construction of this great church, with rank of cathedral, although no bishop is serving in Medias City yet, came as a reaffirmation of the Orthodox spirit and faith, in an area where the architectural monuments belonging to this rite were always in minority.


Perhaps in order to rival with the Gothic art jewelleries, the Byzantine style Cathedral covers an impressive area of over 500 square meters. The interior paintings were made, with great effort, by the painter Gheorghe Belizarie of Pitesti, within about two years, but they were restored thereafter, over time, by other Romanian artists.


The exterior of the Cathedral is as impressive as the inside, because clear influences of the Brancoveanu style can be identified here. In order to cope better with the passing years, the original roof of the cathedral was replaced at some point with copper plate and the outer walls were covered with a fine marble dust.


The two impressive towers of the Cathedral, having the height of a four storeys block of flats, can be easily seen from far away, from all over Medias, standing out as there are no other buildings with similar heights around it.


For over 50 years, a venerable archbishop, the Priest Ovidiu Ioan Gaban serves in the Orthodox Cathedral of Medias; at his 75 years of age, the Priest keeps taking care of the Church, but also of the parishioners, tourists and anyone who steps into the religious place – he welcomes everybody with a kind word, a wise advice and a piece of wisdom, from the Priest’s remarkable life experience.

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