The Ice Cave and the Bears Grotto

The Ice Cave and the Bears Grotto

Geomorphological elements

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If at some point the steps lead you to the magical land of Harghita, it is imperiously necessary to visit the wonderful things that adorn this county.


Thus, you should check the Borsec resort on your itinerary. Famous for its healing waters, located between the brave Mountains of Giurgeu and Bistrita, this place is also blessed with beautiful caves, unique both due to their structure, but also by the stories that were woven around them over time.


Whether winter or summer, when you go on a trip, you must always be equipped, as unpleasant and even tragic things can happen to the ones who do not respect the mountain. This golden rule should be respected even more when you plan to visit the Ice Cave, because only the name should make you put an extra sweatshirt in the backpack.


Located in Piatra Mare Massif, in the Chiba Mountain area, the Ice Cave is the land where winter never ends. From the entrance you will feel overwhelmed. A feeling of fear can overpower you when you’re on the verge of stepping into the dark opening in the mountains which represents the entrance into the ice land.


Walking on this tight passage, guarded by two rock walls from where you will have the feeling that blocks could fall down any moment just as in the ambush stories, at some point the sun light disappears and then you will know for sure you have entered the cave.


Here, if you do not have a flashlight, you will be lost in darkness, as dark as pitch and a freezing cold that not even the frostier winters could bring. But once you light a flashlight, the beauty of the scenery will warm your heart: ice columns which seem carved by the most skilled craftsman stand boldly in front of you. Looking all around, you will have the feeling that somewhere, in one of the walls, a magical portal will open up and take you to the land of Santa Clause.


Once you have felt enough cold in your bones and decide to return to the places where the sun still shines, you can go down towards the Bears Grotto.


Called so because probably once it was a favourite place where the kings of the forest were waiting for spring, the Bears Cave is an opening between two mountain walls, dug during decades by water and wind.


Without the canopy, as the sunlight always managed to find a way to guide your steps, the cave makes you feel like you are part of a thriller. The cave entrance is guarded by old trees that seem to tell the story of every traveller who has been there.


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