The Greek-Catholic Church

The Greek-Catholic Church
Miercurea Sibiului

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In the centre of Miercurea Sibiu city, one of the smallest and less populated cities in the country, there is an ancient Greek-Catholic Church, raised in the XVIII century.


As we can find out from the sources of the time the construction of the Catholic Church was completed in 1772 by the Magyar community of Miercurea Sibiu, numerous enough at that time to be able to realize such a daring objective.


Currently the church is used by the Greek-Catholic believers of the locality, who looked after the restoration of the religious place at mid ’50s. The Greek-Catholic Church from Sibiu is dedicated to the Annunciation, being only one among the important historical monuments of Miercurea Sibiu City, besides the Evangelic Church, the Fortified Church and the Saint Elijah Orthodox Church.


Miercurea Sibiu City has been mentioned in historical sources from ancient times, considering that the young city, raised at this rank only in 2004, was named Sucidava during Roman times, while in 1334 was officially named “Targ” (Fair).


The city is situated at a distance of about 35 km from Sibiu, the county seat, but also from Alba Iulia city, exactly midway between them, on DN1.


The Greek-Catholic Church is located downtown at number 553, being very easy to find in Miercurea Sibiu.


The tourists who want to visit this historical and architectural monument, only one among the several that are worth visiting in Miercurea Sibiu, can accommodate directly in Sibiu, where they can find many hotels and guesthouses, but also in the young city, so full of history, even near the Greek-Catholic Church.


Moreover, there is also a restaurant in the area with non-stop operating mode for tardy tourists, which is an interesting detail, considering that it’s a small mountain city, but able to offer the tourists all the necessary conditions so that they can relax and enjoy the unique lessons of history and civilization.

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