The Fortified Church

The Fortified Church of Miercurea Sibiului
Miercurea Sibiului

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The town named Miercurea Sibiului is located at 35 kilometres away from Sibiu and it hides a fortified Roman church in its centre having a tower in the west side with a special architectural, but also historical importance.


The Fortified Church of Miercurea Sibiului is documentary attested since the XIII century, when the locality was mentioned, and it was subject to the reconstruction processes twice, in 1877 and in the ’80s of the last century.


Everybody who has visited the objective advises you to call at the fortress gate and you will certainly be welcomed by the person who cares for the monument in our days.


From the initial construction, presently only the church tower, its plan and the two pillars, arranged two by two, can be seen. Later on, the walls for the lateral naves were raised, as well as the gate from the South side realized in Gothic style. In the last stage of the construction, the church was enlarged towards the eastern point, the archways and the lateral tribunes were also built.


The tourists can admire a wall of impressive height, which surrounds the church forming an oval, within which roads for the watchmen can be seen, but also areas where the wheat reserves were stored in that period.


The wall which once served as a fortress had two access roads, one above the other one. Under the two galleries there were the brick chambers and to the south the tower which defended the fortress gate can still be found.


Inside the fortress one can notice an unusual simplicity, with a completely white and neat pulpit, but where the altar has the crucifixion scene as the main image. On the walls you can find a list of heroes from the world wars and flower wreaths probably laid by the great-grandchildren.


The benches of the church are, surprisingly, in perfect condition, just as the organ whose melodious secret is no longer known by absolutely anyone.


Once in Miercurea Sibiului, you can take advantage of the fact that the town is also a balneoclimateric resort. The persons with gynaecological problems or who have suffered musculoskeletal disorders or affections related to the nervous system can take advantage of the sodium chloride mineral waters, the climate and the mud recommended for treatment of such diseases.

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