The Evangelic Church

The Evangelic Church

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One of the main attraction points for the tourists visiting the city of Sibiu is the Evangelic Church, situated in the old centre of the former capital of culture in 2007. The monument realized in Gothic style was built in 1520 and it is the tallest point from Sibiu, but also from Transylvania, having almost 73 metres height.


Once in Sibiu, you could be tempted by a lot of buildings and churches which are worth visiting; this is why it is recommended to have at least two days available.


On your way towards the Evangelic Church, first you will meet the Big Square and the Sibiu City Hall, which deserve a little time allocated to be contemplated.


There you will also find the Brukental Museum, where you will spend at least a few hours admiring the exhibits of a special artistic importance and beauty. If you are in the Big Square, you cannot miss a visit to the Council Tower; from up there you can see almost the entire city by means of a telescope.


After you get down from the Council Tower, you are already in the Small Square. If you have not noticed the Liars Bridge yet, you can ask around and you will be guided towards the legendary bridge in the heart of Sibiu.


After you have passed the Liars Bridge, only a few steps away you will see the Evangelic Church, situated now in the Brukental High School yard.


The Evangelic Church has numerous golden silver cult pots in its patrimony, but not all of them are exhibit to the public. In this church you can admire the most beautiful bronze font in the country, but also an impressive organ, built in 1672. Besides, the walls are embedded with famous funerary stones, among which the one of the Ruler Mihnea Voda cel Rau (Mihnea the Evil).


If you want to visit the Church, you will be greeted by guides who will tell you the story of the Evangelical Church in Romanian, English, but also in German languages. The admission is free and the interior can be visited daily between 9:00 and 17:00, with the mention that on Sundays the monument can be visited only from 11:00 until 17:00.


The guides will also advise you to visit the highest tower in Transylvania: the entrance to the tower is done from the outside, on a low door and climbing the spiral inner staircase, with narrow steps, can take several minutes. Once up there, you can enjoy a great view and you can take your time to gather strength for the next challenge: the descent on the narrow spiral staircase.

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