The Dendrologic Park

The Dendrologic Park


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You can hardly find several beautiful places in one place such as in Gurghiu Commune, Mures County.


You can find everything here, from historical vestiges to natural reservations. There is Bornemissza Castle, the Mociar secular forest and the Daffodils Botanical Reservation. However, none makes this area so special as the dendrologic park.


How to get there? Quite easy: on the county road 153 C, from the Oriental Carpathians or from the Reghin town located a stone’s throw away. After about 14-15 km on the road, you turn left on a communal road which will lead you to the town, and from there you will have to walk a little further up to the dendrologic park. Remember, the road forks and there is something worth seeing on both branches.


The park is something really special. The locals say there are over 200 species of plants, out of which a quarter from abroad. Almost all varieties of Romanian trees can be found there, from oak to hazelnut tree. And since we are talking about the hazelnut tree, we must remember that here we can also find the Turkish hazelnut tree or the Japanese acacia.


In this dentrologic park you can see the tallest and straightest trees, as well as trees so crooked that they seem creeping stalks frozen in the air. There are some plants that you certainly did not even know they existed, and most of the exotic ones you have not even seen in Romania.


The best view of the entire panorama is from the surrounding hills, where the authorities have even arranged some stairs. Even if a bit long and uncomfortable, it is worth climbing on them in order to admire everything your eyes can comprise.


The beauties of the park do not end with all these wonderful trees that suddenly arouse your interest in botany.


At the end of the park, you can find the ruins of the ancient citadel left from the Hungarian noble family Bornemissza, the ones who actually founded the park in the eighteenth century. There is another building that can be visited here – a Roman-Catholic chapel which impresses by the way in which it was preserved.


More buildings, such as the little house on the lakeside or other few wooden and twigs chalets, also show off the original aspect of the place.


But the surprises do not end here, especially if you are lucky enough to be in this park on a warm period of the year, because the park also has a lake where you can find aquatic birds. And of course you will immediately notice the beautiful white swans living here a good part of the year.


In short, it is worth going to Gurghiu and to the Dentrologic Park. It’s like a fresh breath of nature.

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