Şugău Cave

Şugău Cave
Masivul Hasmasu Mare

Geomorphological elements

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In Hasmasu Mare Massif, on the south side of Sipot Mountain, at over 1.600 metres distance, you can find a speleological marvel, a jewel carved in limestone – the Sugau Cave.


The cave has four levels, three overlapped entrances and a length of over one kilometre. The name of the cave, which in Hungarian means “whisper”, is given by the sounds made by the water of the underground spring that crosses it, as it hits the rocks, and carried by the wind circulating untroubled through the cave galleries.


Once you have entered the cave, you have the feeling you stepped into another world. Stalactites, stalagmites, strange shapes carved in the soft limestone by water and wind, columns which make you think of the imposing temples of the long gone Roman Empire, all composing the picture of a magical space.


The first attempts to explore and map the cave by the specialists date from 1965, when they started to arrange it for tourists. However, before this moment, the entrance to the cave was extremely difficult, this being one of the reasons why it took so long until the researches began.


The locals had discovered the cave long ago, creating a lot of legends around it. One of them says that in fact it leads to a tunnel hidden deep within the earth which in its turn will guide you to a huge gold treasure. Moreover, according to the old stories, every seven years, if you catch the exact moment, pure gold would drop from the cave vault.


Returning to reality, the cave has numerous halls, with different denominations, depending on their shapes, sizes and location.


Due to the climate and biologic conditions inside it, the carbon dioxide concentration in the air is much higher than the normal one, so the tourist circuit covers only 150 meters of the cave, with a maximum duration of 50 minutes. Furthermore, the access is allowed only accompanied by guides who will not let you enter without a helmet with a frontal flashlight.


The main attraction of the cave, also famous due to the legend around it, is the Lovers Lake, located in one of the halls. It is said that the ones who come here and drink from the lake water will be in love forever.


And if you want to know how to get to this magic place, let’s sketch a little route. So, you should go on DN 12, pass by Miercurea Ciuc and Gheorgheni and when you see the indicator announcing the exit from Voslobeni commune, you turn right on a beautiful forest road.


When you notice that you cannot go on by car, follow the path marked with blue tape and a little upwards, at Sugau refuge, the guides will greet you.

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