St. Margaret Church-Medias

St. Margaret Church-Medias

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One of the oldest and most interesting fortified churches from Transylvania, built in 1488, the Saint Margaret Evangelical Church from Medias locality, Sibiu County, represents a true masterpiece of the Gothic style on Romanian lands.


The religious place is located exactly in the centre of Medias City, being a true historical monument in itself, given the fact that the locality of Sibiu County achieved this statute only in 1550 after having been founded in 1146. Probably this is exactly the reason why the importance and the richness of this church required its protection with towers and defensive walls.


Thus, Saint Margaret Church ended up having a double fortifications system for over 500 years, most probably built as a result of the Turks invasion of 1438.


One of these defence towers became famous worldwide. We are talking about the Trumpets Tower, where, as the name suggests, the city watchmen sounded the alarm with a trumpet, when they saw the enemies approaching. The impressive tower is included in the top ten inclined towers in the world, together with the even more famous, Tower of Pisa.


The height achieved by the most famous tower of St. Margaret Church exceeds, all in all, 70 meters, after several extensions and additional storeys added. Another secret about this tower is that Vlad the Impeller was imprisoned here in 1476, by order of Matthias Corvinus.


Besides the impressive exterior, the Fortified Church and the Tower amaze viewers with the unprecedented interior covered with 500-600 years old murals. Also, one of the most outstanding attractions regarding the church is represented by a series of eight altar paintings depicting scenes from the Passion of Jesus.


At the same time, the visitors can admire an impressive collection of Oriental carpets, the third most important in our country.


Another extremely valuable element of St. Margaret Church is the organ, over 250 years old, located in the western gallery of the religious place.


However, without a doubt, the most precious part of the fortified church is the triptych altar in the late Gothic style.


During summer, until 15th of September, the Church can be visited between the daily programme: 10:00 – 19:00, but thereafter until 14th of June, when summer returns, the monument can be visited only from 10:00 until 15:00.


If you want to get to Medias, follow the National Road 14, which is the link to Sibiu and Sighisoara. In fact, Medias City is only 55 kilometres from Sibiu, county seat.

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