Şomuleu Baroque Complex

Şomuleu Baroque Complex
Miercurea Ciuc

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The Somuleu Baroque Complex is one of the most important places of Catholic pilgrimage from the Central and Eastern Europe, but also an important historic monument of Transylvania.


Tens of thousands of believers gather every year on August 15th to celebrate the Assumption of the Virgin, which is also the dedication day of the church.


Twice as many believers come to the same place for the Pentecost, an opportunity to celebrate the victory against the Prince John II Sigismund, who had intended to impose the Unitarian religion on these lands.


Located at the base of the Sumuleul Mic Hill, the complex was built in the early nineteenth century (1804), on the foundations of a monastery built by Iancu de Hunedoara (Franciscan Monastery) four centuries before. The church is still led by the Franciscan monks, who built a chapel dedicated to St. Anton.


An original element is the organ with over 2,500 tubes, one of the first six such instruments brought to Europe, in 1930 – 1931.


However, the most important attribute of the complex is a miracle maker statue of the Virgin Mary, about which is said to have brought victory in the above mentioned battle, in 1567. The linden wood statue is over six feet tall and is the largest statue carved from a single piece of wood.


There are other churches of historic importance in the area, as well. One of them is the Roman-Catholic Church from Armaseni, built in the sixteenth century in Baroque style, which preserved many original murals (1655). Another church in the area, the Delnita Church, built in the same period in the Renaissance style, is also very important, because here you can admire the murals realized on the outside.


The Unitary Church of Cristura Secuiesc from the XI century, the Feliceni Church, the Fortified Peasant Fortress from Carta, but also the “Saint Margaret” Chapel of Santimbru, built in the fifteenth century, they all are worth visiting.

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