Sebeş Fortress

Sebeş Fortress


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The Sebes Fortress, built at the end of XIV century and beginning of XV century, impresses through its dimensions.


The Fortress is located in Sebes locality, Alba County, having a rectangular shape and being surrounded by a river stone wall, 1,700 metres long, 7 metres tall and about 120 centimetres thick.


In the beginning, the Fortress, which had been built to protect the inhabitants of the city against the Turks invasions, had eight gild towers, but presently only four remained.


The most famous of them is the Student’s Tower, in the memory of a young man took prisoner by the Turks during the 1438 invasion. The Student of Romos, as the history remembers him, spent over 20 years in slavery at various masters, and when he was released at last, he wrote a book telling the story of his dramatic life, a volume which became a “best-seller” of the time.


Besides this sad story, Sebes City is recognized by historians as the first urban citadel for which an official deed of construction was preserved; more exactly, the deed is the approval granted by the Hungarian King to the Saxons in the area to raise a wall of defence in 1387.


In addition, the residents of Sebes also boast about one of the seven citadels being depicted on the current coat of arms of Transylvania.


The modernization and expansion processes in the city have swallowed part of the old fortress. Its wall can hardly be seen now behind the locals’ gardens, the Student’s Tower is in a school courtyard, while the shoemakers Tower is near the cemetery. However, the citadel retains the medieval burgh air in some areas, delighting the tourists eager for a trip to the old-time Transylvania.


The feeling of going back in time is also sustained by the fact that the streets have bilingual names: in Romanian and German, although there are only a few hundred Germans in the area left.


Every year in August, the residents but not only, celebrate the Days of the City. There are organized parades, open air concerts and even fireworks shows, all meant to celebrate the history of the city and to make it popular.


And if you find yourself in Sebes, you must also visit the Evangelical-Lutheran Church, the Octagonal Tower, the Monuments of Romanian Heroes of the First and the Second World War, as well as the Rapa Rosie Reserve.


The accommodation will not be not a problem, because you can find plenty guesthouses and even hotels in Sebes, a peaceful city, where you will be able to relax like nowhere else.

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