Râpa Roşie (The Red Ravine)

Rapa Rosie

Geomorphological elements

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Romania is full of geological and geographical surprises that we can boast about. Such an example is the Red Ravine near Sebes City, Alba County.


It is an absolutely superb natural reservation, on the road connecting Sebes to Daia Romana village. The famous reservation has a surface of almost 10 hectares and walls that flank the road with their impressive height which in some places can reach 100 metres.


It is called Rapa Rosie because the water has dug in the ground through several substrates, which gave the area a red colour. The image is phenomenal when it rains in the area. There are not many places in the world where you can see thin red brooks seeping through cracks and rocks from the giant walls.


Besides, the interesting part is that different species of birds have made ​​dozens and dozens of nests in the walls earth. The uniqueness of the area is also given by the very rare plants in the world which can be found on this small territory.


On entering the Rapa Rosie Nature Reserve you will be welcomed by some geological formations you will find very strange. Some of them look like huge organs built from sand.


In addition, here you will also find some of the longest caves in the world formed in the ground.


If you look at these huge walls from above, you can notice very green lawns stretching over them which in combination with the sandy red give a fabulous image, which seems drawn on a paper, not at all real.


Not many tourists know about this objective, so if you go to the Red Ravine it is likely to enjoy complete silence and have the opportunity to admire in peace the strange forms of the clay slopes.


From Sebes, as mentioned above, remain only about 3 kilometres up to this enchanting landscape. You can go there by car, but if you do not want to miss the beauty of walking, it is recommended to go “by foot”, as the landscapes are worth it.


Being such a special area, more than 60 years ago, this space was declared a natural monument. It is the only reserve of its kind in Romania, and the scenery makes you immediately think of the Grand Canyon and the United States.


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