Râmeţ Monastery

Râmeţ Monastery

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Those who want to find inner peace can find the ideal place 20 kilometres from Teius, Alba County. The Ramet Monastery, raised on Geoagiu Valley, Trascau Mountains, represents one of the oldest orthodox religious settlements in Transylvania.


The easiest access way to the Monastery is from Teius, several regular rides are scheduled to the Ramet Monastery and the chalet nearby, as well, as the road is paved.


The access way from Aiud is more difficult, the main problem being the lack of transport means to Ramet and the rough road. But if you choose this way, you will enjoy an unforgettable view from the Trascau Plateau.


The history of the Monastery has generated many controversies. Renowned researchers, such as Nicolae Iorga and Virgil Vatasianu, claimed that the foundation was set around 1487, but subsequent researches showed that the actual date is somewhere around 1377.


The Ramet Monastery was founded by the solitary monks, the name of “rameti” meaning “hermits”.

Since its foundation, the Monastery has suffered persecutions from the Catholics and various modifications, over the years being a church or a convent for nuns.


The shape of Ramet Monastery is rectangular with a semi-cylindrical vault lengthwise. A massive steeple can be noticed above the narthex.


Interestingly, the mountain water springs from under the altar and that is why the Monastery is dedicated to the Healing Fountain.


Researches regarding the church walls revealed no less than nine layers of paint, the first dating from 1400. In addition, it was found that the Monastery has survived throughout the centuries also due to Michael the Brave, given that part of the painting from his time remained on the wall iconostasis.


Within Ramet Monastery there is organized a school, where the nuns with high pedagogical training take care of the education of the girls in the area, in the spirit of Christianity.


Because it is such an object of interest in the area, another church was founded within Ramet Monastery after the Revolution. The new place of worship dedicated to the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul is situated very close; its beauty is given by the special architectural elements, but also by the sober and bright colours.

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