Predeal Monastery

Predeal Monastery

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The Nativity of the Virgin Mary Monastery of Predeal, one of the oldest and most famous churches on Prahova Valley, was built almost 200 years ago on the site of an ancient hermitage, built of wood, around the year 1744.


The small hermitage of Predeal, nestled in the foothill of the mountains in order to keep away from the dangers of that time, when the Orthodox churches of Transylvania were burned and destroyed to the ground, managed to survive and develop, achieving the rank of monastery; it was rebuilt and extended from time to time until finally obtaining the ensemble of cells and churches that can be admired today.


Although the monastery was abolished in the ’50 by the communist regime, the buildings raised with great toil over time did survive, so in 1993 the ancient monastery was reopened, this time by the care of some nuns. Consequently, today, the Predeal Monastery is a convent of nuns.


Besides the newer big church, dedicated to the Birth of the Mother of God, the little almost 200 years old church functions here, as well, being dedicated to St. Nicholas.


A less known fact is that here, at Predeal Monastery, the first school in town was also founded in one of the cells, by the care of the Pantelimon Abbot, the third leader in the history of the hermitage, arrived all the way from Rasinari, near Sibiu. He personally looked after the education of the children in Predeal, free of charge, until the end of the nineteenth century, when the monks were able to raise a building specifically dedicated to the education, considered for good reason, as the first school of the city.


The Predeal Monastery is situated at the foothill of Clabucetul Taurului Mountains in an idyllic area, close to the place where the Prahova River springs.


The ancient place of worship is located at the entrance in Predeal resort, on the right side of National Road 1, on Bucharest-Brasov route, on the Monastery Street, parallel to the road.


So, whether you are visiting Predeal or just transiting the Prahova Valley, a stop for even a few minutes at Predeal Monastery is always at hand, representing a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with the historic past, at home here, but also with the natural beauties of the mountains, spectacularly combined in an exceptional landscape full of lessons and history.

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