Octavian Goga Memorial House

Octavian Goga Memorial House

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Sibiu. Rasinari Commune. The Memorial House of Octavian Goga, the poet, the politician and the activist for the rights of Transylvanian Romanians. A place of memory, history and a place that bears the imprint of the area in which he lived, but also the family environment in which he grew up.


It is not hard to get to the house where was born the man who, for a very short time, led the destiny of Romania. There are only 12 km from Sibiu to Rasinari and you can cross them on a very good road, leading to Paltinis or by tram on the line built by the county authorities in Padurea Dumbrava. The very way up there on the last version, can be a true show, because the actors from “Radu Stanca National Theatre” act in plays exactly in this means of transport.


In Rasinari you can easily find Octavian Goga Memorial House, one of the attractions in the area. Beside it, in Rasinari there are other historical buildings, remembering the great people who were born here, but also the remains of old Romanian fortifications, the nature and the ethnographic richness.


The one storey building was raised in the Transylvanian style, with high walls, part of the house without indoor garden and it seems to show exactly the environment “the poet of our passion” came from, the poet of the middle class Romanians of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The tapering shape of the house, the small windows in wooden frames and the door embedded in the wall, give a nineteenth century perfume to the whole building. A huge fir tree, grown up in house yard, completes this impression.


Everything inside remembers Octavian Goga. The original furniture his family used is there, such as the bookcase, where we can also find a collection of “Luceafarul” (Evening Star) magazines bearing Goga’s mark and a monograph of Rasinari of 1915.


The personal note of the place is completed by the student notebooks belonging to Octavian Goga, but also by photographs depicting the poet and its family members.


In conclusion, if you are in the area, you should not miss a visit to this objective. It’s easily accessible and quite interesting, especially for lovers of history or for any tourist who wants to form an idea about the place which is representative not only for one of the leading Romanians in the first half of the twentieth century, but also for the environment that produced it. In addition, the building is part of an area that definitely has something to offer.

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