Negru Vodă Fortress

Negru Vodă Fortress

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If you want to admire or step into the Negru Voda Feudal Fortress, first you must get in the car – or another means of transportation – and go to Breaza (of Brasov, not of Prahova), a village which belongs to Lisa Commune.


You will find the ruins of the fortress (they say it was abandoned in XV century) about 5 kilometres from the village, on a hill dominating the Fagaras Depression, its most visible elements being two defence towers.


In the same place there were also discovered the tracks of a Dacian fortress with stone and clay walls, upon which the medieval fortification was built later on. Fragments of pottery were also discovered here dated in the period between: 1st century BC – 1st century AD.


The Fortress was built in two phases (as the archaeological researches suggest), since XIII century – first the two circular towers and then, the oval shaped stone walls delineating a perimeter of 80 meters.


The ruins are surrounded by ramparts of earth, with defence role o, which allowed the gradual retreat of the troops in case the danger of a defeat on the battlefield existed.


The shape of the two defence towers suggests that the construction style was influenced by southern elements, which is explained by the fact that, at the time of construction, these lands were under the tutelage of Muntenia rulers (Great Wallachia).


The north tower has two meters thick walls with interior diameter of 250 centimetres. The second tower, although we see it round from outside, on the inside it looks like a hexagon.


The interior wall of the fortress is oval, just as all the fortresses located at the border and has a height which here and there reaches even two meters.


Thus, we can deduce that at the time of construction, there was a state organization of Romanian Voivodeships. The construction style joins the evidences supporting the idea of a parallel evolution of the Romanian Country and the smaller Country of Fagaras.


It is believed that this fortress was abandoned in XV century and the locals assign it to Negru Voda (Radu Negru), since there are no clear evidences which should confirm this relation.


Breaza of Brasov is located in the south-west of the county, about 23 kilometres from Fagaras city.

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