Mociar Secular Oak Forest

Mociar Secular Oak Forest



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The Secular Oak Forest of Mociar, Mures County is located close to the Salavastru, Beica de Jos and Gurghiu communes and is not coloured and does not even stand out. However, it has that type of wild beauty which generates a feeling of less touched nature and solitude.


Rare trees are scattered on it and it is rather close to civilization, all on a high and marshy ground. So, if you want relaxation or just adventure and curiosity, you should not miss a stroll on the green hills of Mociar.


It is not hard to get there. The easiest way is from Reghin Town, on DJ 153C, on which you turn left entering on a communal road. In maximum one hour you should get there. From there you can enter the forest on a forest road, but you should remember that in the rainy periods it is not the best road, given that the area, as said above, is marshy.


Make sure you have enough spare time, as the Mociar forest has plenty to offer. It stretches on about 48 hectares, so there is plenty of space for you to wander or to get lost.


Obviously, in this forest the oak trees will stand out, some of them real giants, given that they are few hundred years old. Most of them are not, as you would expect, straight and solid. Considering their age, as some of them are even half of millennium old, these trees are half dry, with hollows stretching on half of the trunk.


Their crowns also give you an image of wild nature, from the way they stretch in all directions. For you to get an idea, the trees from here look somehow like those trees which come to life. They give the impression that they are old and alive, with their dishevelled, messy mane.


But the Mocior Forest does not comprise only oak trees. You can also find poplars, hornbeams (Carpinus betulus) and ash trees. In addition, as in any forest from our country, there are also some deer and wild boars, woodpeckers can be heard during the day and in the night birds of prey make their appearance.


It is interesting that the forest is mostly rare and full of puddles, so be careful where you step. The puddles are not very deep and the water has a rusty aspect. Of course, unfortunately, in some areas the human traces can be observed, especially at the edges, where you will see dozens of trees cut down for forest exploitation.


But this does not change at all the beauty of this place, where you can walk, sorry, wander as you please.


And if you really want to feel the beauty of the forest, it is best to go in the evening, at the sunset. You will see why…

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