Mestecănişul (Birch Trees Forest) Natural Reservation of Reci

Mestecănişul (Birch Trees Forest) Natural Reservation of Reci


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Swamp, trees and flowers, this is the flower reservation of Mestecanis (Birch Trees Forest), Reci Commune, Mures County or more exactly several small swamps, amongst a lot of vegetation.


Maybe you will not understand from the description, but the truth is that you will find there a true vegetal and aquatic paradise.


But first of all you’ll have to get there. It is not very difficult, given that the Reci locality is close to DN 11, 35 kilometres from Brasov, 25 from Targu Secuiesc and 11 from Sfantu Gheorghe.


From Reci you go on a communal road, and then an unpaved trail will lead you to the flower reservation stretching on 34 hectares, being the largest reservation in Covasna. Unfortunately, there are not enough indicators for tourists towards the reservation.


Even from the entrance, the trail forks into two roads, one of them enters directly into the forest and the second one goes initially on its edge.


What can you find here? First of all, the meadow vegetation, given that it is located in Black River Valley. Then, all kinds of plants you could not find easily elsewhere – the dwarf birch, wild angelica and of course, being a wetland, many, many ferns. Of course, there are many flowers, which are worth seeing, but do not try to name them, because it is unlikely to know all their names.


Besides, the ponds or the swamps can be seen all over the place. They are full of green vegetation and most of them almost sunk by it. But even in these ponds you will have the surprise to find something really special: the blue frog, living only in cold areas of Europe, which the specialists say it cannot be found in the southern area. Moreover, in the ponds area, with a little luck, you can see white water lilies or the motley tulip.


Another “local” you would not expect to find here is the Jack pine (Pinus banksiana), a whole plantation of it and the first thing you’ll notice is that these trees are very, very tall.


And if you think that the unexpected things end there, then you are wrong. Right there, among marshes and flowers, trees and ponds, you will find sand. And not just any sand, but very high dunes, a strange natural phenomenon for this area.


Perhaps the most beautiful and peaceful place within the reservation is the birch trees forest. Tall, shady and green, they give, with good reason, the name of this reserve.


If you like nature, then there is no reason why you should not visit this place. However, you should avoid weekends when the skirt of the forest is full of noisy barbecue and picnic lovers.

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