Mereşti Cave

Mereşti Cave
Cheile Varghisului

Geomorphological elements

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Located in the middle of Varghis Keys in Persani Mountains, Meresti Cave is a speleological jewel, polished with hard work and patience by the stream with the same name.


Among all approximately 50 caves that fill up the Varghis Keys, Meresti Cave is the largest one.


If you want to visit this cave from Varghis Keys, first you need to get to Miercurea Ciuc and then head towards Vlahita town, on the national road 13A. After several kilometres, in Harghita County, you will get to Meresti village and the locals will direct you towards the most valuable tourist objective in their area situated a few more kilometres away.


You can find the cave on the right wall of Varghis Keys, precisely in front of a bridge, the so-called Stanca a Minunilor (Rock of Wonders).


There are some metallic stairs you must climb on in order to enter the cave. The cavern impresses you from the moment you enter, due to the archway which makes you think it represents a doorway to another world.


There is also a reinforcement wall, which demonstrates that the cave was used once as shelter by the locals, who took refuge here from the villages nearby hiding from various invaders.


However the human presence in the cave dates far back, as here were discovered fossils of the prehistoric man.


In the cave there was also found a true treasure, in the last hall, almost 1 kilometre from the entrance, where the water digging in the rock brought along pieces of precious stones blended in the walls of the cave.


There are two entrances into the cave, but only one is recently arranged.


Meresti Cave has two main halls – the Big hall and Fekete Istvan Hall. Fekete was the speleologist who mapped the cave in 1835 in such detail that his maps can still be used without problems nowadays. When his researches were completed a year later, the speleologist published a 16 pages paper, attaching the map as well. Only two copies of this paper are still preserved presently, one is in Budapest and the other one in Odorheiul Secuiesc.


The cave houses many creatures and plants that have been extensively investigated over time. Now, the main inhabitants of the cave are bats.


Although you may not find the cave as the most impressive due to the formations developed within, especially if it is not the first one you enter, the huge halls and the history awaiting quietly to be discovered and shared with others make the trip worthwhile. Do not forget to pack a flashlight!

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