Mediaş Municipal Museum

Mediaş Municipal Museum


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Romanian, German and Hungarian history, plus Dacian and primitive history, but also a collection from the natural sciences field, this is what you will find at the Municipal Museum of Medias. If that’s not enough to make you a little curious, then you should know that you will find enough to satisfy the curiosity of anybody interested in painting in mind the history of a region.


The building itself on Mihai Viteazul street, number 46, is not spectacular, but it’s really impressive. An important fact to retain is that formerly it was a medieval Franciscan monastery from around the 1400s and that is bigger from nearby than it looks from a distance.


However much more interesting is what you will find inside: more than twenty thousand exhibits of history, ethnography, art or natural sciences.


Chronologically, you should start with prehistory. The ceramics belonging to one of the most famous Stone Age culture: Cotofeni, but also the Noua culture. Following the line of history, you should get to the three Dacian treasures from this museum, unearthed exactly in this region, at Seica Mica and Medias.


But nothing speaks about the region as the objects of the medieval Medias, a German city. A great historical and cultural value characterizes the silver seal of Medias, as well as one of the oldest Gothic statues in the world, made ​​of wood. In addition to these, the objects of the guilds of the city are highly esteemed, such as in any Transylvanian burgh, including the coats of arms, the chests and other characteristic signs.


The old Transylvania is also represented by the collection of traditional costumes, which represent the three nationalities of this region – Romanians, Hungarians and Germans. The same combination of culture and history we can find in the collections of books – old or relatively new – and framed pictures or even photographs found within.


Finally, the museum collection is also completed by the natural sciences section, where you will find geographical and geological images from the area with animals, fish or many kinds of flowers.


That’s what it is all about, a temporal map of the Tarnavele region having tens of thousands of pieces drawn, but it cannot be other than interesting, whoever you are.


The museum is open Tuesday to Sunday between 9 and 17.

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