Lucian Blaga Memorial House

Lucian Blaga Memorial House

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The house where the famous poet and philosopher Lucian Blaga spent his childhood can be found in Lancram village, Alba Iulia County, on Ulita Veche (the Old Lane).


The building still preserves alive the memory of Blaga Family with its nine children, offering an image about the past due to the furniture kept intact, the framed portraits and the pictures exhibited, but also thanks to the writer’s manuscripts.


Lucian Blaga was born in this house inherited by his parents from a grandfather, who was also the village priest. After the death of his father, Lucian’s mother could no longer maintain the family and she was forced to sell the family home, so the house became the property of strangers.


Only after the Revolution the Lucian Blaga’s native home was redeemed by the Romanian State.


Due to the fact that the subsequent owners brought changes to this house, the Ministry of Culture decided to renovate it based on the “Chronicle and Song of Ages”, the great writer’s work.


In 1998 it was restored, a museum dedicated to the poet memory being organized inside, such as the typical households in the Village Museum of Bucharest.


The Memorial House of Lancram presents exhibits consisting of photographs, documents and manuscripts moved here from the Museum of Romanian Literature in Bucharest. Otherwise, the portraits, letters, furniture and other ethnography objects represent donations of villagers or of the Blaga Family descents, but also of some important figures in the literary world, and some of them gathered by the “Lucian Blaga” Cultural Foundation of Sebes.


Besides the objects on permanent display in the Lucian Blaga Memorial House of Lancram, there are also organized temporary exhibitions, but usually with the occasion of the “Lucian Blaga” International Festival, when the writer is honoured in his native place.


The universe where the poet lived his childhood is best described by himself in “The Chronicle and Song of Ages” and the authorities have tried to reproduce such atmosphere as exactly as possible. “Stone stairs polished by steps and smoothed by rain, coming up from the yard into the house.


Alongside was the opening through which we descended to the cellar, on the slabs with an enormous breeding of wet and stinking toads bustling underneath (…). Between house and barn the summer kitchen was crowded, concealed, surrounded by a thick leaf mulberry, under which we had lunch in summer, surrounded by the gibberish birds.”

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