Huda lui Papară Cave (The Huda of Papara Cave)

Huda lui Papară

Geomorphological elements

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There can be said a lot about Huda lui Papara Cave, but the most important thing that must be retained is that it is very dangerous. In this cavern, several speleologists almost lost their lives, if not saved by the mountain rescuers on time.


First of all you should know that Huda lui Papara is located in Trascau Mountains, Alba County. Administratively, it is on the territory of “Sub Piatra” (Under the Rock) locality; the denominations are somehow ironic once joined together, because “Huda” is in fact a regionalism for hollow – so the Hollow of Papara is in the village Under the Rock.


The adventurous ones, with solid experience in climbing, a boat and adequate mountain equipment can get to this cave on DN 75 Turda – Campeni.


Huda lui Papara presents several interesting aspects. It is the most irregular cave on the Romanian territory, and in addition, it also has the largest bat colony on the continent.


The images are absolutely stunning if we think that in Huda lui Papara we can also find the highest waterfall of the ones existing in a cave in Romania. Moreover, the cave has also the largest water flow for one simple reason: three brooks are united on its surface – Poieni, Seaca and Ponor – forming the largest basin in which they collect.


The cave entrance seems to be a cleft made by the hatchet of a giant from old times, being approximately 40 metres high, but not wider than 6 metres at the base.


These are the reasons why this is a very dangerous cave. Just as you enter you will be greeted by a lake of 2 meters in depth and about 50 metres in length which you have to cross if you want to explore the cave.


Immediately after it you will find Cascada Evantai (the Fan Waterfall), a block of stone which you will actually need to climb over in order to go further on. The problem is the brook water running over it.


Once you have passed successfully this escalade, the next is a rock stuck in the wall with a romantic name: Inima de Piatra (the Heart of Stone). Further on you will go underneath this rock, through the water, in order to get to other stone blocks which must also be climbed over. You will go through water all the time, but you will still be able to see around you thanks to the light coming from outside which will only disappear when you have passed two more small lakes.


After so many adventures, you will finally get to Sala Minunilor (the Wonders Hall) – a huge cavern, which is about one hundred meters high. Here, as said above, the most numerous bats on our continent have built nest. On the ceiling, among the bats, huge stalactites can be seen up to 8 meters long.


Once there existed facilities for visitation in this cave but unfortunately they were destroyed by floods. There is no guide to give you directions, so be very careful if you dare to venture.

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