Hârtibaciu Valley Museum

Hârtibaciu Valley Museum


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If you are interested in the history of the Saxons, Romanians and Hungarians in Transylvania, the evolution of life in Transylvania in general, or you are just curious and you want to learn more about the past times, Hartibaciu Valley Museum is a place to be seen.


It is not very easy to get there, that’s true. From Sibiu on the County Road 106 there is a little over an hour, from Sighisoara on the same road, a little less, and from Fagaras the same time, but going on the County Road 105. Once in the former Saxon town, you should look for 1 Decembrie Street and there you will find the Hartibaciu Valley Museum.


The beautiful building where this museum is located since 1959 hides thousands of pieces. But not the number will impress you, much more important is the value of the exhibits, especially that this museum has a massive Saxon component, given the specific area.


The most valuable part of the museum is undoubtedly the collection of nearly seven hundred books and manuscripts in German language, most of them old or very old and some considered unique by specialists.


In addition, it also contains a large number of publications in Romanian language, some from ancient times, others from modern times.


The three floors of the building also include various collections of objects, many of them from the Stone Age, as well as representative pieces of medieval guilds of the period, from their tools to certificates attesting the membership to one of these organizations.


Also the furniture from different populations of Hartibaciu Valley, the wool and linen garments or other such objects represent a true historic and ethnographic treasure.


Perhaps the most impressive objects are the chests belonging to the various guilds or wealthy people from the area which are spectacularly painted for those times.


Photo albums or ancient painted pottery, but also fine pieces of furniture belonging to rich families from different periods also give us an idea about the ​​local life in the area and about the changes occurred over time.


The museum can be visited from Wednesday to Sunday from 9 to 17. For those interested in culture and history, it is an experience that should be tried.

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