Gâtul Iadului (Hell Neck)

Gâtul Iadului (Hell Neck)
Cheile Bicajelului

Geomorphological elements

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The Hell Neck is one of the sectors within the Bicaz Keys which also comprises the pass making the connection with the Bicajel Keys. Anyone who has been there can say that Hell Neck is one of the most original, spectacular and frightening at the same time natural wonders of Harghita County and across the country.


If you want to see the Hell Neck, you must first reach the Bicaz Keys. And you can do this weather from Moldova or from Transylvania, as these keys represent exactly the passing between the two regions.


In the first version, there are about 45 kilometres from Piatra Neamt, going on DN15 and DN12, up to Bicaz, from where you take the road to the keys. The last part is patched. Here and there the patches are missing, with holes instead, so beware.


The second version is from Brasov, Miercurea Ciuc, Gheorgheni, then to the right after Bixad going on DJ 113 towards St. Anne Lake. In total, there are 200 miles.


Bicaz Keys consist of three sectors: the Hell Neck, together with the Hell Gate and the Hell Porch.


There is a good reason why the locals have found so frightening names, because this is the exact feeling you get – that you have entered the Hell, yet this Hell attracts and fascinates.


If you look from up down to the Hell Neck, you will feel dizzy. Because the Neck means two vertical and corrugated huge rock walls along a road so squeezed by these walls that they almost swallow it.


The view, which at some point becomes a little wider near the road, near one of the walls, including some trees as well, narrows up within a few tens of meters away, where the two walls are very close to one another.


Looking from the bottom up, the feeling of smallness and dizziness is, paradoxically, more pronounced. In most part of Hell Neck, all you see is a wall of stone that stands in balance, when it does not seem to fall over you from its height of up to 300 meters. Moreover, on a certain segment, on the way, before you turn to the right, you will seem surrounded by mountains from three sides.


Of course, there is some garbage on the road or in Bicaz River left by tourists, but it does not diminish the strong impression created by the nature.


As expected, the Hell Neck is the mountaineers’ paradise. In particular the Sentinel edge can be a challenge for everyone. Overall, the Hell Neck does not disappoint, whether you are an experienced climber, or a simple tourist. On the contrary, it is so impressive; it’s a story place within a story area.

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