Emil Cioran Memorial House

Emil Cioran Memorial House

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He is the greatest Romanian philosopher and one of the most famous thinkers of the twentieth century: Emil Cioran. His native house, showing the rather modest origins of the man who got to be an inspiration for millions of people, is located in the Rasinari Commune, Sibiu County, a town that gave Romania a lot of important people.


You can get to Rasinari very easily from Sibiu, located just 12 miles away, by road or by tram which departs from Padurea Dumbrava and which was especially introduced for Marginimea Sibiu.


The house of the philosopher and writer original from Rasinari can be found at the end of the paved road that crosses the village, near the Little Church, on the Caselor River bank. The building is a typical Transylvanian house, such as the one belonging to Octavian Goga in the same village, with high walls on the outside and a large garden in the courtyard.


The long house, with one floor and two rows of large gates point out first of all the life conditions of Emil Cioran family, his father, a priest, having been an important man in the village. The building was built by Iacob Cioran in 1846 and suggests the pride of the Transylvanian middle-class Romanian, as it is a large building with many rooms, windows on almost all sides and colonnades with leaves or other Romanian folk patterns. The windows are also interesting, with wooden shutters that open outward.


Just in front of the house, in the street, there is a bust slightly higher than one meter, which depicts Emil Cioran, but it is affected by elapsing of the time.


Unfortunately, the indoors of the house is not open to visitors. The building is now owned by a family in the village who had to open the door to the curious tourists arrived even from Latin America who wanted to see the birthplace of the great philosopher. The owners of the house are willing to sell it, but the Mayor says he is trying to get money from the State to turn it into a museum in the memory of Emil Cioran.


It is interesting that presently the Cioran name is still prevalent in the village, being carried on by about 20 families, because it comes from the name of a slope near the village: “Coasta Ciorii” (Crow’s Slope).


The beauty of the house and the village is considered the only ray of light and nostalgia in the life of the man considered a true “philosopher of pessimism”.


During the years spent in Paris, in an attic, Cioran used to dream about his native home and Rasinari village, which were so dear to him.


“How I want to see again street by street, corner by corner of this cursed, this splendid Rasinari”, Cioran wrote in 1973. It’s enough to convince you to come and see the house and visit Rasinari. Besides this building, Rasinari has very much to offer, from history to tradition and natural beauties.

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