Călţun Lake

Călţun Lake


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Caltun Lake belongs to a series of glacial lakes which have contributed to the Fagaras Mountains fame, of the “densest hydrographical network in the Carpathians”.


Located at over 2,100 meters height, the Caltun Lake, together with Avrig or Balea Lake, constitute an ideal halt place or even to stay overnight for any tourist who is on trip through Fagaras.


The tourists who leave from Bucharest by train and intend to get to Caltun Lake can choose Bucharest – Avrig route. From Avrig, the trip on mountain takes only a few hours and it is a long and difficult route, yet extremely beautiful. The travellers should come prepared to spend the night in a shelter.


From Avrig city, following the red cross marking located at kilometre 284 of DN1, you can reach Poiana Neamtului by crossing 14 km on a forest road and from there the tourist marking on the trail at Barcaciu foot indicates about two and a half hours to the chalet nearby. From this point on, following the blue dot marking, you can reach Avrig Lake through the Avrig River Valley in about three hours.


If you are already tired at this point you can safely spend the night and set off the next day to the Barcaciu Chalet, on a three hours road, and then to the Scara refuge.


From here you walk about an hour and a quarter to Custura Saratii ridge, but crossing the ridge can take up to three hours, therefore, it is best to have small luggage and be very careful where you step.


In total, it can take about four hours and a half up to Negoiu, located at an altitude of 2,535 kilometres.


From Negoiu Peak you go down through Strunga Dracului (Devil’s Gorge) towards Caltun Lake, where you can also find a clean shelter. The road however requires attention to stones and joints.


The refuge from Caltun Lake is better insulated than the one from Scara and offers a great view.


The disadvantages of this charming place could be considered the lack of drinking water, but also the strong winds that can be felt at night. In addition, disappointingly the swimming is not allowed here, as it is in most lakes located at such a height.


At the return you can choose another shorter route going on the plateau up to the Laitel Peak, then Laita Peak and reaching Balea Lake, where you will meet the Transfagarasan, which can get you back to civilization.

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