Brukenthal Castle

Brukenthal Castle
Sambata de Jos


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Who expects to find a castle in the middle of a stud? Well this is the case of Brukenthal Castle of Sambata de Jos, Brasov County.


The Baroque building was built in the second half of the eighteenth century by Count Josef von Brukenthal. He wanted a solid residence and therefore endowed the castle with walls of four feet thick.


The locals tell that the field on which the property was raised was a gift from the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria to Count von Brukenthal, and the latter built the palace in honour of the most famous monarch in the history of the Vienna Court.


However, it is not known if the Empress Maria Theresa was ever at Samabata. Local legends say that there was a passionate relationship between her and Count von Brukenthal. Gossips passed on over time have two versions: that Maria Theresa spent many summers in Brukenthal Castle, but soon got bored of the Count or that the Empress never came to this castle.


It is certain that Brukental Palace represents an impressive construction possessing over 30 rooms, each equipped with a remarkable tiled stove and the oak wood floor is also remarkable.


However, the elapsing of the time has left its mark on the building and the castle is in a state of continuous degradation.


In the twentieth century, following a devastating fire, the Castle was badly damaged, the roof being completely burned off. In the ‘40s, after some refurbishment work done by some ignorant of the historical and artistic value of the frescoes on the walls, many of the beautiful paintings were covered with lime.


Today one can only see the Vienna ceramic stoves and some of the old paintings on the weakened walls.


In Sambata, exactly near the castle there is a herd of Lipizzaner horses . Those who take care of it say it is the most important Lippizaner breeding farm in Europe.


The problem is that presently, although there is an indicator towards the Brukenthal Castle on the Brasov-Sibiu road, when you reach its gates, the only plate informs you that there is a stud, not a castle. Well, we should be proud of this centuries old noble residence, which was built to steal the heart of an empress.

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