Brâncoveanu Monastery

Brâncoveanu Monastery
Sambata de Sus

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The famous Brancoveanu Monastery of Brasov County rises on the place where, more than 300 years ago, Preda Brancoveanu erected a wooden church, which was rebuilt later on by Constantin Brancoveanu himself, from stone, in order to better cope up with the troubled times, when Transylvania was conquered by Habsburgs.


Unfortunately, the stone construction could not resist the invaders, who managed to destroy it up to the foundation, 100 years after the construction in 1785.


However, the Romanian Orthodoxy did not give up the dream to rebuild this famous Monastery in the Brancoveanu founders’ style, even though 141 years passed by until the new works could be commenced. At the end of the Second World War, in 1946, the Brancoveanu Monastery of Sambata de Sus, was sanctified again, but this time it lasted until nowadays.


The exterior of the building is decorated with huge stones, in Brancoveanu style and the entrance is guarded by a massive oak door. The interior is similar to the other churches of the time, however, unlike them, it possesses five bells brought especially from Vienna, weighing five tons altogether.


The Monastery also hosts a famous painting of the Virgin Mary, but also portraits of Brancoveanu Family, the first founders of this place of worship.


Today, the first level of the Monastery houses the monks’ cells and the abbey, while at the first floor we can find the steeple and a new church in the southern wing; in the north part of the Monastery we shall discover, among other things, an impressive library.


Furthermore, in one of the new buildings of the Brancoveanu Monastery raised by monks, we can visit the Museum of the house of worship, where they have collected glass paintings of the eighteenth century and nineteenth century, but also documents and rare, very old objects, full of history and education.


The church is located 80 km from Brasov and it is visited by tens of thousands of believers every year, but also by tourists, as it is one of the most famous Orthodox churches in Romania, perhaps thanks to its troubled past.


Since there are no means of transportation to reach Brancoveanu Monastery, also called Sambata de Sus Monastery by the locals, the tourists can get there only by car or by motor coach, within the organized groups.

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