Bologa Fortress

Bologa Fortress

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If you are in Cluj County, you should take the car and drive for one hour up to Bologa Fortress! If you come from Huedin, as soon as you enter Bologa village, on the left you will see an indicator directing you to the Fortress.


At this point, you better leave the car and go by foot; otherwise you risk getting stuck with the wheels in the difficult road. After a walk for 10-15 minutes, you will meet the ruins turned green of a once splendid fortress.


Therefore, you arrived at Bologa Fortress! Built high up on a hill crest, from the fortress you can see clearly the surroundings, which is the reason why it was strategically placed here – it is well known that it had to supervise the road from Oradea to Ardeal. Moreover, the fortress, mentioned for the first time around 1319 in the documents of the period, served as refuge for the people in the area throughout the year.


The history of the fortress and of the surrounding area is really impressive. Initially, the Romans built here a camp, named Resculum and they populated it with colonists from Patras, Greece, in order to protect the border of the empire.


The fortress that we are talking about was built on the other part of the river exactly in the medieval period. It was named Sebesvár and belonged to Sigismund of Luxembourg, who in his turn gave it to Mircea the Elder.


In the eighteenth century, the city was about to disappear, when Sultan, who had invaded Oradea, ordered to be demolished. But this order was not enforced, so the fortress life was prolonged for a period of time, until it was destroyed after all by the Habsburg soldiers, through an explosion. They were fighting to keep the Habsburg Empire alive, while the conquered populations revolted against it.


Only a corner of wall and a tower remained from the original Bologa Fortress, nowadays a vegetative paradise, with pieces of rock, whitened in time, piercing through here and there.


The fortress is worth exploring at leisure – although you should not expect it to take more than a few tens of minutes. The medieval vestiges could rather be imagined than seen – what has remained of the city invites the visitors to use a lot of their imagination, but they can only wonder what it looked like in the times of glory; such an impressive construction once is now invaded by a green sea of ivy and trees.

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