Astra National Museum Complex

Astra National Museum Complex


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You can hardly find another more interesting and more complex area in Romania, if you are a tourist, than the ASTRA Museum Complex of Sibiu. This is not an overstatement, because it is indeed one of the most complex museum units in Romania.


The fact is that it is not only a museum; there are not less than four museums: the ASTRA Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization, the Franz Binder Museum of Universal Ethnography, the ASTRA Museum of Transylvanian Civilization, the Emil Sigerus Museum of Saxon Ethnography and Folk Art. Soon, there will be five, if we consider the project still unfinished regarding the Museum of Romany Culture and Civilization.


The central headquarters is in Sibiu, in Piata Mica number 11, but all its components spread over a much larger area.


The largest of them is by far the first one, and undoubtedly, the most beautiful. The Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization, located in south of Sibiu, on the road to Rasinari, on the lake shore in the middle of Dumbrava Sibiului forest.


There is no place in Romania where you can see anything alike. Hundreds of peasant houses, from all over Romania, some of them brought directly from thousands of miles away. Besides, there are some rustic inns, handicraft workshops, traditional sawmills, looms, pubs, fish markets or several beautiful churches, together with all the household objects meant to help us understand the peasant life. You eyes will be enchanted by the traditional mills, some with sails, others with water and some simply magnificent windmills. The most beautiful image that you can find here is certainly the image of the windmills illuminated at night, on the lake shore.


The Franz Binder Universal Ethnography Museum also offers a unique experience. Why? It is dedicated to the non-European populations and contains objects gathered by the Saxon travellers since the XIX century. Therefore, it includes Egyptian mummies, African masks and weapons or various objects of the Pacific people.


Furthermore, another component of the museum complex, the ASTRA Museum of Transylvanian Civilization, is also a true historic and ethnographic treasure. Here you will find all the elements specific to the Transylvanian life throughout the ages. From religious objects, rustic dolls, many types of carts, ceramics, embroidery and thousands of traditional clothing items.


The Emil Sigerus Museum of Saxon Ethnography and Folk Art is also a true “place of memory” which talks to us about the German history of Sibiu, but also of other regions inhabited by the Saxons in Transylvania.


The furniture painted with beautiful shades of red, scarlet and blue, the traditional Saxon costumes, guild objects, but also ceramics which in fact form a separate collection.


Are you a lover of culture, of museums, of ethnography? Or you are simply curious and you want to see beautiful and interesting things? Undoubtedly, without the slightest doubt, ASTRA Museum Complex is, in this case, a place where you should go. You will not be disappointed, that’s for sure.

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