„Tudor Ciortea” Museum

„Tudor Ciortea" Museum


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Brasov is a beautiful city, full of history and beautiful buildings. “The First Romanian School” Museum from this locality alone meets these characteristics due to its main building.


It is easy to get there. It is located in Brasov, Unirii Square number 2-3, so it would be hard to miss. And you should not, especially if you are interested in a bit of Romanian culture and history, but not only.


Built in 1495 and renovated in 1761, the building resembles some of the old Baroque houses with local influences that you can also find nowadays, houses owned by prominent people from all over Romania.


The reddish roof and a faint pink lime wash, the staircase leading to a square porch, closed by a kind of balcony in three columns and underneath, the arched door which communicates to the downstairs part, they all give this impression.


Inside, there are several halls, all with their specificity; the Anton Pann Hall, reminding of the famous Romanian composer; Coresi Deacon Hall, where you’ll find some of the first religious books the written in Romanian, true treasures of Romanian history, especially if we think that most of them were printed in a territory which was not led by the Romanians in that period.


The next is the Hall called “the Book, a national unity factor” which comprises royal documents written on parchment, but also old books, such as the “Bible of Bucharest”.


The Hall called “the Book and the Brasov Scholars” also possesses a series of documents from the medieval Brasov, while the “Hall with a hearth” remembers Saxon character of the city.


Close by, within Saint Nicholas Church, you can find a museum complex which comprises several exhibitions: “Brasov Youths”, “Scheii Brasovului in Stefan Mironescu’s Painting”, “Tudor Ciortea Museum”, “Ex Libris Museum”, Nicolae Titulescu Museum”, “Ion Colan Museum”.


Among them, “Tudor Ciortea Museum” is a special one, despite the reduced space it occupies. The exhibition has a musical character, given that Ciortea was a personality in this field. One of the most unusual objects present there is the tail spindle, one of the rarest in the world. Equally rare is also the lithography of the opera “Oedipus”, one of the only five originals existing in the world.


In the same place we can also find a gramophone, musical manuscripts and paintings or icons on glass, all recalling the city’s cultural history.


In fact, the entire museum complex is a cultural experience, you should not miss.

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