“Saint Elijah” Orthodox Church

“Saint Elijah” Orthodox Church
Miercurea Sibiului

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Miercurea Sibiu houses a unique architectural and historical monument in our country, St. Elijah Church, a true masterpiece of Baroque style, with Gothic accents.


The construction of this place of worship began in 1864, the Church being completed only in 1872 through the joint effort of the inhabitants in Miercurea, but also of the Lutheran Evangelical Church, of other communities around Sibiu and even of the small Greek and Turkish community in the area.


The architectural monument was realized according to the plans and under the guidance of the famous architect Francis Szallay in a combination of Gothic and Baroque styles.


Interestingly, this church has the altar to the south, not as usual to the east, because the land allowed the construction in this way.


The cross from the roof of Saint Elijah Church was donated by one of its founders, John Siofron Fleseriu.


Another important founder of the place of worship was Georgiu Marcu Macelariu, considering the amount donated, but also the fact that a document signed by Ilie Macelariu, from the same wealthy family of the time, was discovered under the cross of the church. The paper was dated November 1870 and mentioned the efforts of those who participated to the construction of Saint Elijah Church.


The church survived over time, through fires and natural hardships, but every time it was repaired and restored by the community care, thus remaining on standing position until our times, as a testament of faith and commitment on the part of Miercurea Sibiu inhabitants.


The above mentioned place also appears in historical sources from ancient times. These days few people know that Miercurea Sibiu of today was called Sucidava during the Dacian-Roman period.


The city is located only 35 kilometres from Sibiu and Alba Iulia, midway between the two, on the National Road 1. The Church is located on Victoria Street at number 787, downtown.


The tourists can easily spend the night in Sibiu, a touristic city that possesses extensive accommodation capacity, or even in Miercurea Sibiu, where there are hostels and villas for rent, but also hotels.

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