In the heart of Transylvania, the gastronomy of the area is characterized by Transylvanian and Hungarian food. Starting with the potato bread and dishes based on smoked meat, and finishing with cottage-cheese and pies, we can say that the food in the heart of Transylvania is diverse and very tasty.

Alba Iulia

The Transylvanian Tray is a copious and filling type of entree, consisting of onions, tomatoes, cottage-cheese, home-made sausages, bacon, smoked ham and headcheese.

“Inturnatul de carari” (Return of paths) is a traditional preparation, specific to the shepherds from the Sebes Valley, Sasciori Commune.

“Placintele pe lespede” (Pies on the slab) represents a traditional preparation of Alba County, made from dough. The pies have a cheese filling to which greens can be added.

Buciumana Stew comes from the Bucium region (Alba County) and it is a preparation based on meat. The stew is made from pork, cream and spices, and then served with balmos (dish with ewe cheese, milk and maize).

Lamb Stew is made by the shepherds of Ciugud on low heat. The meat is seasoned with onion, garlic and various spices.


Sibiu Pork Tenderloin is prepared with ham, mushrooms, potatoes and hard cheese, by adding flavoured herbs and pickles.

Sour Soup in Bread is a Transylvanian specialty met in various regions, such as Sibiu or Alba. One of the variations is the beans soup in bread crust, served with red onion.

Paprika Stew represents a variation of the famous Hungarian Paprika Stew, met all over Ardeal. The Sibiu paprika stew is made of pork meat and mushrooms, adding onion, eggs, vegetables, cream, flour etc.

Sibiu Salad is an original mixture of sausages, sponge mushrooms, potatoes, salami, apples, cucumbers and aromatic herbs.


Kurtos kalacs is one of the most popular traditional dishes in Tinutul Secuiesc (the Székely Land). The spiral pound cake made from dough and sugar or other icing, is now a preparation made ​​all over the country.

Baigli Hungarian Pound Cake is a type of Seckler cake, of small size, with poppy or nut filling.

Paprika Stew is a Hungarian dish, made from chicken with sauce and dumplings. The preparation is known and appreciated not only in Transylvania, but across the country, as well.

Goulash is a preparation specific to Covasna region, where in fact a festival of this type of food is organized. The dish has many variants, with and without meat, based on beans, potatoes, etc.


The Potato Soup a la Praid is a preparation of pork meat stew, cream and tarragon. The soup is specific for the Praid region and it can be served throughout the year.

The Szeckler Cabbage is prepared in the Székely Land. The dish is made from shredded cabbage, flavoured and spiced with dill and thyme, then served with cream.


The Brasov Sponges is a dish based on forest mushrooms, thyme, bay leaves and garlic.

The Brasov Salad is based on ham and salami combined with vegetables: potatoes, celery, carrots, peas, all mixed with a sauce of mayonnaise, mustard and pickles.

The Brasov Meat Stew is specific to Barsa County and is made of veal and internal organs (liver, lung, kidney, guts and heart), onion and greens, all combined with broth, wine and tomato sauce.

Brasov Papanasi (fried dumplings with cream and jam) is a type of desert prepared from cream cheese and powdered with glazing sugar at the end. In general, the preparation is served with sourish jam, but sour cream can be used as well.

Brasov Pancakes (or Crepes) are stuffed with mushrooms, chicken liver, onions and aromatic herbs (thyme, parsley, dill). The crepes should be served with dill and sour cream.