The Girls Fair of Mount Găina

Every year, close to the feast of St. Elijah takes place The Girls Fair on Mount Găina. Although only documented in 1816, the fair is a much older tradition and was registered as a trademark with the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks.

The legend says that the time when gold mining was the first occupation of people in the area, a hen that lays golden eggs had its nest on the mountain. The hen belonged to a fairy who lived in the mountain. The fairy used to give once a year a golden egg to a poor girl, as dowry. One year, however, the hen was stolen by five young men and it is said that that was the moment when the fairy left the mountain, taking with her all the gold she had. Since that year remained the tradition of climbing the mountain plateau, on the third Sunday of July.

Tradition says that on the first day of the fair only men can climb the mountain, women can join them the next day of the fair; usually girls that desire to get married climb the mountain in the second day of the fair. The girls climb the mountain bringing with them their dowry, an essential moment of the event being the bargaining between the young men and the girls` parents, bargaining that ends with dancing and weighing the girls and their dowry.

Today, The Girl Fair also hosts events such as parades of traditional costumes, handicraft exhibitions and cultural competitions. Also, those who come to this fair can listen to various folk ensembles, play different games or watch lights and fireworks shows.

During the fair tourists can camp right on Găina Mountain or in Avram Iancu village. To climb Găina Mountain you must first get to the village of Avram Iancu, Alba county.