Potters Fair of Sibiu

Sibiu Potters Fair takes place every year on the first Saturday and Sunday of September. The event is aimed to preserve and promote the tradition of pottery, Romanian folk art value. Romania is the only country in Europe which has preserved the full technique and art of pottery.

The Fair brings together annually authentic craftsmen from all over the country, representatives of major pottery centers in Romania and Tarnava, Coşeşti, Vadu Cris, Saint George, Targu Secuiesc, Targoviste, Miercurea Ciuc, Customs, Radauti, edge, Jupâneşti, Horezu Slătioara or Sibiu.

Pottery was a major occupation in Romania since ancient times, being a prosperous business for local craftsmen. Pottery craft is passed down from generation to generation, thus preserving working techniques, colors and motifs, specific to each region.

Annually, at this Fair there are granted also several awards for lifetime achievements of the potters, for preserving the tradition, for revitalizing centers of ceramic, for valuing traditional pottery, for modernization and updating the ceramic creations, for restoring historical ceramics, for the youngest participant, for figurative pottery and revitalization of clay modeling techniques.

The event is held in the Big Square of Sibiu and besides competitions or acquisitions of ceramic pieces there are also demonstrations and workshops; those attending the fair can learn some of the secrets of working with clay.